What Are The 7 Chakras – How do they affect our health?

What are the 7 chakras?

Chakras consist of 7 energy centers inside our body runing in a straight line down the spine. They are significant in yoga, meditation and mind-body exercises as well as some spiritual practices. The practice of aligning and balancing our chakras has become ever increasingly popular in Western society although originally it was practiced in the east.

Chakras are crucial to our holistic well-being. These are points of life force (life energy vortexes – so to speak). Yoga teaches that humans have four(4) bodies:picture of chakra centers body pacement

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Causal
  • Astral

It is in the astral body where the Chakra reside they act as transformers that move and regulate the flow of energy (life force) between these bodies.

We believe that Chakras are areas (centers) of the body (connected to major organs or glands that influence other body parts) where energy is collected.

The thought is there are over 200 Chakras in all. The consensus of opinion is that there are 7 main Chakras aligned along the spinal cord (starting from the end of your spine or tail bone going upward to the top of your head). Each of these Chakra govern a specific physical region of the body that dictate certain emotions and personality traits. Each Chakra has a specific color, vibrational frequency, and symbol. Look at chakras as wirling pieces of energy connecting matter and consciousness together. These energy vortexes keep us healthy, alive and energized. The name given to this  energy is Prana. 

The 7 Chakras are as followspicture of the 7 chakra chart

Root Chakra

color red – base of spine – physical Governs the excretory system. Influences feelings of security and fear.

Sacral Charka

color orange – lower abdomen – emotions and sexuality. Influences self expression and creativity.

Solar / Navel Chakra

color yellow – right above the navel (solar plexus) – metabolic energy Affects the digestive system. Influences willpower and anger.

Heart Chakra

color green / pink – center of chest – link spirit and matter – rules the circulatory system. Influences the expression of love.

Throat Chakra

color blue – throat area – perfection Presides over the auditory and speech systems. Influences communication.

Intuative (third eye) Chakra

color indigo – center behind forehead – perception (insight) and inspiration

Crown Chakra

color white – top of head – spiritual realm – Rules the brain and nervous system. Influences the experience of enlightenment.

 Effective tools that balance chakras:

  • Chakra Stones
  • Human Voice
  • Music
  • Chanting
  • Mantras
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi

Five Chakra instead of Seven?

The reason you might see this number as 5 instead of 7 at times is because Tibetan Buddhists put the traditional seventh and sixth Chakras as one and the traditional first and second Chakras as one. Voila, you now have 5 Chakras.

For the Buddhists this fits well with the five Buddha families, five aggregates of ego, five poisons, etc. all with specific vibrations that manifest as colors, sounds, and elements.

This five Chakra system is actually equal to the seven.

Minor Chakras

The chakras just mentioned are the major chakras. There are however others known as the secret or minor chakras. These chakras are essentially sub-sections of the major chakras referenced above and are linked to specific areas.

Our Chakras can be either healthy or diseased.

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