Solar or Navel Chakra

The third charka, the solar or navel charka, is located in the navel just below the ribcage. Our solar plexus chakra influences the limits we set on ourselves and our sense of self . If we wish to change or grow as an yellow drawing representing the solar chakraindividual than meditating on this charka will help us to purify ourselves getting rid of lingering negative and hostile feelings. We will be able to feel positive and have more energy. Color representing the solar chakra is yellow.

Solar Chakra in Balance

Balancing the Navel Chakra will give us a better sense of self worth. We will feel unique, confident, energized and (believe it or not) we will be more honest and forthright.

When this charka is not balanced we have more trouble avoiding pitfalls (due to a weak sense of self). We also tend to be manipulative and our ability to take action (because of a fear of failure and/or rejection) on an idea may be severely limited due to our low self-confidence level.

Signs of Navel Chakra in Need of Balancing:

  • Feeling angry and/or aggressive much of the time
  • Your will power is weak
  • Have trouble expressing your feelings
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Seem to think negatively much of the time
  • Feel lethargic
  • Have digestive problems, constipation and/or anxiety

Gemstones to help Navel Chakra:

There is a consensus that yellow colored gemstones will stimulate the energy of our Naval Chakra. Yellow Jasper, Topaz, Amber, and Citrine are the recommended gemstones (quite powerful – I might add).

Each gemstone has a unique method of healing.

Rely on your intuition (gut feeling) to pick the one you should work with.

Tips for using the gemstones:

Close your eyes and picture in your mind your gemstone of preference suspended in the center of a yellow ball of energy.

Relax and stay in your position for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. You should feel the gemstone effects.

They can be worn as jewelry (it is important that they touch the skin so our body can absorb the energy).

If using Amber you should rub into your hand on a daily bases (this will activate its healing powers).

For Citrine to be most effective place it right on the skin just above your navel.

Daily Activation of Navel Chakra

Yellow – think and use yellow – is the color that stimulates this, your Navel Chakra.There are 5 main things can help stimulate this power.

  1. Walking outside on a bright sunny day
  2. Open the blinds and curtains to brighten the room with sunlight
  3. Wear yellow colored clothes and include the color of yellow throughout your home (bed linen, towels, curtains and table linens).
  4. Light candles
  5. Do what peaks your passion and interest.

The main point is that a balanced Solar Navel Chakra enables us to cope effectively with negative emotions and empower us by giving us a better sense of self-worth thus enabling us express ourselves in a positive way each and every day.

This is one of 7 main chakras.



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