Sacral Chakra

The sacral /spleen chakra , known as svadhisthana, is located a couple of inches below the belly button about 2 inches back within this area.

This chakra is most often associated with the color orange which lookspicture orange depicting sacral chakra like the sky at sunset.

Our sense of sexuality and pleasure, our reproductive organs, our feelings of abundance and well being are all connected to our sacral charka.

If you have problems feeling emotion in any given situation (excitement, happiness or feeling zealous) it generally indicates this charka is problematic and that you have problems opening up to others.

If on the other hand if your emotions and/or feelings of passion are overwhelming your sacral charka may be overactive.

This particular charka lets us send energy throughout our body from bottom to top affecting our overall health both physical and mental.

When working optimally (open to it’s full extent) we are able to be virile and both release and express our wants to everyone.

To positively affect our sacral chakra there are a couple of exercises you can do:

  • In a sitting position – legs apart – bend forward. This helps the groin area and the flow of blood to the pelvic region
  • Then in any position try doing some pelvic thrusts.
  • If you want to do something fun try doing some belly dancing – good for emotions and physique. It has been used in preparation for conception and birthing.

If this charka becomes closed :

Inward signs may include:

  • find and become involved in an addiction
  • feel guilty
  • lose their self confidence
  • have little (if any) sex drive

Outward signs may include:

  •  pain in the lower back
  • urinary dysfunction.

If this charka is working overtime then, of course, you will find yourself overly emotional and wanting to be more sexually active than is comfortable and you will probably want to make it function a bit on the lighter side.

It all boils down to balance and control issues – basically we want no unwanted control problems and we want everything balanced in a healthy way. 

When working well this charka will make people  realize not to be overly concerned about being rejected or accepted in a relationship. You will find that this charka energy will give you the power to make right choices on the personal level to affect your life’s flow in a positive way.

We need to help the sacral charka stay nourished and well fed since it is – of course – the epicenter of our creativity and our sex drive. So make sure to eat such fruits as:

  • melons
  • mangoes
  • passion fruit
  • citrus fruits

Nuts such as:

  • walnuts
  • almonds

Additives such as:

  • cinnamon
  • vanilla 
  • honey
  • sesame seeds

can all be added to our must haves.

So, if you wish to improve a relationship(s), be more creative and/or change your life’s direction then work on your sacral chakra.

This is one of 7 main chakras.






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