Root Chakra

Before dealing with the health of your root chakra we need to know the simple what / where / why.  At the bottom end of your spine (known as your tailbone) is the charka known as the root chakra. A charka is not physical. It is nothing that can be seen with the human eye even using a microscope. It is simply circulating energy.

The root chakra is your main or parent charka (if you will). It powers or runs the rest of your chakra system. If your root chakra is even partially closed then you will have problems accessing your other chakras. I will explain what the root chakra’s function is, the way it works and how you drawing in red representing the root chakracan heal (or open it).

Red is the color associated with this chakra – red wine and food as well as anything red including red gemstones ex. ruby.

What is the root chakra?

Known as the root (base) chakra it deals with your connection to the earth. It also gains power from your family structure. In most instances a root chakra that is partially closed (meaning it has lost strength) indicates a broken family structure in which there is not much trust – consequently it becomes hard to trust anyone.

As people age this weakness can become very problematic. The importance of family can not go understated when trying to heal this chakra. Family is very important to the health and healing of the root charka.

This chakra is directly related to your confidence and self esteem (both built during the early formative years of your life). This chakra is connected physically to the bones and teeth, prostate (in men), the bladder and your lower extremities.

The root chakra represents survival instinct, finances, home and security. It directly relates to your connection with your mother, mother earth and your connection to your physical body (being in the now). If the aforementioned connections are not somehow being satisfied a problem or disconnect from the other chakras will take place. This in turn will cause the natural flow of your body’s energy to get blocked. Once this energy becomes blocked it will manifest into unwanted physical symptoms.

How can you heal the root chakra?

You need to get back to feeling grounded. One highly recommended method is mediation which can help you to learn to care for and love yourself. This will strengthen and heal your root chakra when disconnected.

Some experts say while meditating you should imagine roots coming up from the earth and connecting to the base of your spine. It is believed that the earth has healing properties and when stressed if you put your faith in mother earth you will find the courage you need to deal with whatever it is.

The stronger this love of self and others becomes the better able you will be to handle whatever goes sideways or upside down in your life. In no uncertain terms, trust is the order of the day for this chakra.

Music (using certain chants and vocal rhythms) can empower this charka and help to reinforce it. Over time as the root chakra begins to heal itself the other chakras will start to get power from it. This lost confidence now found will be transferred to the sacral chakra all the way up to the crown.

This is one of 7 main chakras.





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