Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, known as sahasrara, is located at the very top of your head.

The color associated with it is violet/white and the mantra sound is ‘ah’picture purple representation of crown chakra or ‘om’..

It is the center for our intuitive, psychic and imaginative self – the road to wisdom.

When well balanced we are able to easily connect with our spiritual self. It is from here that our life force flows from the cosmos to our other 6 chakra. Our ability to be intuitive is drawn from here.

When not balanced or closed:

  • we may feel our life is pointless and insignificant
  • feel too attached to inanimate objects, this world on earth and the people we associate with
  • we may color become selfish
  • have trust issues
  • fail to be able to see the larger picture
  • we might ask “Who am I?”
  • our skin and bones can be affected by disease and we can feel exhausted with no known medical source
  • We may have sensory sensitivity.

Because our charkas can’t be seen or touched we tend to ignore the fact that certain foods have an effect on them. The crown charka is a little different.

This charka will benefit from:

  • fasting and detoxification 
  • inhalation (through the nose) of sage, juniper, myrrh, copal and frankincense.

The gemstones associated with the crown charka:

  • clear quartz
  • crystal
  • amethyst
  • oregon opal

The areas of your home associated with you crown chakra are the top areas:

  • attic
  • roof
  • gutters

It is advised to keep them clean and/or in good condition.

This is one of 7 main chakras.






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