Healthy Nutrition for Seniors

Good nutrition at any age is important but healthy nutrition for seniors is vitally important to feeling our best and remaining well nourished and active as we age. Statistics indicate that as many as 1 in 5 seniors are malnourished. It’s important to eat a variety of healthy foods, but changes in our bodies and lifestyles … Read more

10 Foods That Make You Feel Full Longer and Can Help You Lose Weight

Introduction Burning fat, losing weight, getting in shape and looking great is easy when you eat healthy foods that make you feel fuller longer. Some foods naturally deliver a smaller calorie investment while giving your stomach a full feeling. You feel full, so you eat less, your calorie count goes down, and so does the … Read more

The 7 Chakras Explained

picture of the The 7 chakras explained

The 7 Chakras explained The 7 chakras explained here are crucial to our holistic well-being. Chakra are certain points of life force (life energy vortexes – so to speak). It is taught in yoga that we as humans have four(4) bodies: Physical, Mental, Causal and Astral It is in the astral body where the Chakra … Read more

What is Yoga – Why Practice Yoga

picture of yoga flower for what is and why practice yoga in become healthy and fit

What is Yoga ? This is like Yoga 101 for beginners and those just starting out in the practice of yoga wanting to know just – what is yoga and why practice it? Before explaining to you exactly why we should practice yoga let me simply define the art itself.  Simply stated, yoga is a … Read more

Best 11 Different Yoga Types

There are many yoga types – some more physically challenging than others – some better suited to beginners than others. This can be a bit confusing when starting out. Here is a list of what I consider the best 11 different yoga types. I briefly explain these yoga types in the following list in an … Read more