About Me

Welcome to becomehealthyanfit.com

I grew up as the oldest of three girls in a career military family. My mother was not the best cook and so I thought food not very interesting – bland and boring actually. Later in life I met the love of my life who showed me that not only did food not need to be bland but that it could be tasty and very interesting.

Up until this point I had been thin. Well once I was introduced to a new world of food creativity I put on a few pounds and developed a few health challenges. Learned to balance portions and pay more attention to what I was eating. Found out however that it is easier to put on weight than take it off and once a health problem emerges it may be challenging fixing the problem.
I became interested in natural weight loss remedies and ailment cures. This is the reason for this website – to share this information.

Hope you find the information here helpful and interesting

All the best to you